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I.T. Accomlishments

Business Application Analysis, Development and Integration - z/os and 390 Mainframe and UNIX

  • Converted inventory system components from Macro-Level CICS Assembler to Command-Level CICS
    COBOL to enhance systems maintainability and therefore increase productivity time
  • Translated COBOL code into business rules for componentization of health claims system, using COBOL, IMS
    and JCL, that increased maintenance and future development efficiency by 35%
  • Developed and tested health-claims and historical-data system to analyze rejected claims, to decrease losses
  • Remodelled internally written system components for Cheque Processing Control System, using COBOL, JCL
    and Assembler, to eliminate costs of using redundant third-party written software
  • Analysed business requirements, solved problems, developed and maintained Property and Casualty
    insurance systems and interfaces, using COBOLII, CICS, VSAM, IMS, EASYTRIEVE, JCL and DB2 thus
    meeting clients' business needs
  • Developed Claims´┐ŻAssured component that increased insurer&aposs revenue
  • Converted Phoenics insurance components to PROGRESS, under UNIX-SUN5.6, using EDI interface,
    COBOL II, CICS, RDBMS, SUPRA, JCL and Easytrieve
  • Developed Data Warehouse application, Rewards Programs and resolved trouble logs, using DB2, COBOL II,
    FOCUS, REXX, JCL, Fileaid and 390-ASSEMBLER
  • Developed and integrated P.M.S.C. claims-tracking using COBOL, CICS, VSAM, JCL and 390-Assembler,
    and integrated new online and batch components into P.M.S.C. application package. This involved
    interpreting business requirements in terms of technical implementation, meeting legal needs
  • Consolidated annuity and whole-term life insurance information from diverse screens into one screen, for
    customer quick reference, using COBOL II, CICS, JCL, IDMS, DB2 & SDF, that increased underwriter
    productivity by 39%
  • Spearheaded conversion from CA-ROSCOE to TSO. Converted utilities from CA-ROSCOE screen editor to
    TSO-REXX and PANELS, increasing programmer productivity by 46%
  • Enhanced and supported in-house system written in COBOL/DB2, REXX and CSP which was used for
    manipulation, consolidation and on-line reporting of MVS/SMF and DMS data, using Fileaid
  • Translated Property and Casualty business requirements into code, using JCL, CICS, COBOL, VSAM and
    Assembler to increase revenue.

Training, Coaching and Facilitating

  • Coached and mentored new programmers in troubleshooting and system architecture, on a one-to-one basis,
    which increased productivity
  • Mentored business analysts to interpret programming code to increase skills and productivity
  • Taught in-house Systems Development Fundamentals course
  • Developed legacy components, Preferred Customer Handling and MICR Cheque Format Modification and
    Symcor systems integration, using 390-Assembler, PL1 and JCL, to increase Deposits efficiency.

Investigation and Research

  • Assessed compliance with Federal Privacy Laws in requirements for development of legacy system that
    removed legal liability from bank
  • Researched productivity tools. Extensively liaised with internal clients at all levels
  • Won client testimonial for investigation and subsequent documentation of encrypted data-bases which required
    compliance with California Privacy Act that removed legal liability from client
  • Enhanced PROGRESS applications, which required detailed research of business requirements.

Documentation and Communication

  • Documented technical support issues on third-party software and converted Command - CICS COBOL
    programs to reduce volume of customer queries by 65%
  • Specified legacy modernization of health-claims system to increase efficiency
  • Specified functions in UNIX Shell and PROGRESS for scheduled runs of mutual funds systems
  • Documented customized mutual funds accounting system to enable easy maintenance
  • Conducted technical presentations of third-party productivity tools.

Debugging and Technical Support

  • Technical Support of Assembler interfaces and TRAC debugging package
  • Increased PROGRESS program run-time, improving computing productivity by 28%, while applying
    application fixes
  • Eliminated environmental problem causing CSF-A.F.P. abend, thus increasing system productivity
  • Problem analysis and resolution of system crash problems and slow response times in insurance system, using
    CICS, 370-ASSEMBLER, REXX, JCL, VSAM and COBOL problems, which increased system productivity
    that won a client citation.

Systems Software Development and Analysis

  • Developed functions in UNIX Shell and PROGRESS for scheduled runs of mutual funds systems
  • Cleaned up multi-platform and client-server HURON-OBJECTSTAR enterprise system, using
    390-ASSEMBLER, OOPS concepts and CICS, that increased systems efficiency by 42%
  • Maintained HURON-OBJECTSTAR, acting as Client to Servers, IMS/DB, UNIX-HP9 & -SUN
  • Customized P.M.S.C. Customer Information System Dialogue Manager using 390-Assembler, CICS, JCL
    and DB2 in an IBM MVS/ESA environment
  • Re-engineered a DB2 network reporting system for computer usage accounting, written in REXX and CSP, for
    which no source code or documentation existed
  • Developed REXX, CLISTS and utilities for 2nd level programming support.

Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Developed and administered effective strategies to test IMS, Fileaid, Abendaid, PL/I, COBOL,
    MVS/ASSEMBLER and SAS, in upgrade from 390 to z/os
  • Extensively tested own written systems and enhancements, as well as third-party software.

Systems Tools Development

  • Created utilities to collect data for internal market research, using 390-Assembler, CICS, REXX & JCL to
    increase bank revenue
  • Wrote REXX software tool to discover which z/os partitioned-data-set contains a given member.